Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Private: We have a stair-climbing wheel chair

The disease (ALS) of my wife weakens the muscles without mercy: Currently, we manage together to climb and descend the stairs in our house. I have learnt to assist with both hands and symmetrically, but it already takes all my force although my wife has only 50 kg's ...

Our house has 4 levels - this means 3 stairs - , and also stairs outside to the garage. (At 3 of the 4 levels of the house, this gives a wonderful view about the lake and mountain).

In order not to be one day insulated at one house level after a breakdown of my wife, I have bought a stair-climbing wheel-chair. This is nice (expensive) technology with sensors, battery and a strong motor - I have still to learn to master it!

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  1. Hey Walter! How's your wife now? Is she still using the wheel chair you bought for her? It's been 3 years already, so I hope she has fully recovered by now. =) Take care you two!

    Tanisha Hertzler